Lumene Usa’s Brand Campaign



The pitch wasn't about promoting another skin care cream that promised to minimize fine lines or hide your blemishes, but one that asked the question, what if we were never told we had flaws that needed fixing in the first place? What if we grew up loving our skin, our pours, and later our fine lines and wrinkles and all the wisdom, beauty, and stories they held within them and what if we championed every woman and every type of beauty as enough just as we are? What if our skincare routine was a reflection of self-care and self-love rather than the minefield of self-loathing mental grenades that go off every time we wash our face?

What would that campaign look like?

The full vendor crew

What I Did

As the creative director, I shot and conceptualized a beauty brand campaign with a message of empowerment with “real” women represented.

Inspired by the moody undertones and foggy nature scenes housed throughout Lumene’s brand video & in an effort to mirror that imagery throughout their brand message, I enlisted a full crew of models, fashion boutiques, make-up artists, & stylists curating the perfect vendor team to partner with!