Rachel Roams | Cincinnati, OH: Travel Guide

After a whirlwind few months this past winter filled with lots of changes including losing my mother Kelley to suicide, moving into a new apartment, and completely rebranding my website and business, I decided on a whim to book a flight to Cincinnati.

A break from my daily routine was so needed, and while it wasn’t exactly a sandy beach for me to soak in the suns rays and feel the sand between my toes, Cincinnati did provide a temporary break from the blisteringly cold Minnesota winter I’ve had to endure. 


I forced myself to get through my travel photos from this trip and post them to my blog because let’s face it, as a professional photographer, my personal photos always take a backseat to client work and never seem to make it past my computer. 

Travel is hugely important to me, and as an adult, I’ve been lucky enough to have traveled most of the United States and even parts of Asia, so it’s only natural to share with you my recent adventures in the Queen City. 


My trip started off a bit bumpy when I missed my connecting flight in Chicago due to bad weather and being stuck on the tarmac while another plane departed our gate. By the time I got to Cincinnati, I had lost a whole day to traveling and my suitcase, which didn’t make it’s way to baggage claim. (Eventually, the airline was able to locate it and deliver it to the hotel)  

I knew that I wanted to stay at the boutique Hotel Covington after researching my trip because of how fond I am of its sister hotel The Hewingin Minneapolis. Hotel Covington Did not disappoint! Its incredible lobby boasts both vintage and modern designs keeping true to the local area, and each room comes with great views and a magic 8 ball, because fun fact: that magic ball was created locally! Everyone at Hotel Covington made me feel right at home and treated me like family which is one of the things I love most about staying with the Aparium Hotel Group.


I met the cutest couple while wandering the hotel and they asked for a photo and how could I resist not turning it into a mini photoshoot. Pricilla and Matt were so cute together, and they gave me the best advice on which tourist attractions were must-sees and which ones to avoid!


Once settled, I headed out to the first of many locations recommended by my new friends-The Roebling suspension bridge. Named after one of its engineers John A Roebling, the Roebling bridge became the predecessor to it’s more famous twin The Brooklyn Bridge. 


I ended my first night with a trip downtown to hit up the restaurant Nada, Fountain Square, and the 21c Museum hotel. 


On my last day in Cincinnati, I stopped by Urbana Cafe, the cutest little Italian style coffeehouse and sipped their cold brewed coffee. For anyone who knows me, you know I live on caffeine. Naturally I had to make a point of visiting the cutest little coffee shop that Cincinnati had to offer! 


I also Ventured into Findlay Market, the only surviving Cincinnati market house still in operation and the stumbled upon some of the cutest accompanying storefront small businesses.


Hot chocolate lovers, meet your match at Maverick Chocolate Co.


Stepping away from the bustle of the Market streets, I tucked myself away at a boutique artisanal cheese shop The Rhined nestled in the OTR neighborhood. There I sampled my way through their midwestern cheese flight accompanied with local wine. Seriously, it was the stuff dreams are made of. 


Without a doubt, my absolute favorite memory from my trip to Cincinnati was popping into The Rhinegeist Brewery for a refreshing Rosé Ale and brushing up on my cornhole game. Built within the skeleton of an 1895 bottling plant, this hidden gem was the perfect way to wrap up my trip. 


My time in Cincinnati will be remembered with ferocity and fondness saved for only life’s sweetest moments…it was by and large one of the coolest and albeit underestimated cities I’ve ever visited. There are moments in my life when I have to pinch myself to ensure I’m living in the present moment. For a girl who grew up having few opportunities for travel-minus the time my dad took our family on a 6-hour car ride to Wisconsin Dells, Cincinnati was a dream and the perfect weekend getaway to refuel and recharge!